WHEN: Wednesday, February 7th | 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM ET
WHERE: Corner of C St SE & First St SE (across from the Capitol South Metro Station)

CQ Roll Call, The Small Business Payments Alliance and District Doughnuts return for this FREE food truck event on Wednesday, February 7th!

As small business owners from around the country are on Capitol Hill this week meeting with lawmakers and staff to voice their opposition to the Durbin-Marshall credit card bill, this pop-up event will aim to raise awareness of the bill’s negative effects on small businesses: the loss of credit card rewards, fraud protection, and access to credit.

*Doughnuts may contain peanut or tree nut products*

Vanilla Glaze

Plain yeast doughnut covered in a vanilla bean glaze.


Gingerbread cake batter with gingerbread spiced glaze covered in gingerbread cookie crumbs and doughnut sugar.

Double Chocolate

Chocolate cake doughnut covered in a chocolate glaze.


Hot Coffee

Water Bottle

“This bill would take away rewards from consumers since credit card companies would no longer have the ability to fund the programs and the perks we’ve all grown accustomed to, taking the value away from consumers and putting it in the pockets of retailers. This would be disastrous for consumers, especially those who get immense value from rewards and protections on credit cards by allowing retailers to pocket the interchange savings.”

–The Points Guy, Brian Kelly, June 7, 2023

Learn more about this bill and how it would impact consumers and small businesses:

Capitol Hill at the corner of C St SE & First St SE